Well, it seems that fall is officially upon us. The chilly weather has put me in the mood for getting my Christmas gift list tackled but that is making it difficult for me to stay motivated to finish my canning and harvesting……especially with the beautifully icky weather. I just want to sit and knit or crochet or sew but I know I must instead go to the produce stand to get apples for applesauce and pick what’s left of my beans and zucchini to put up. It was not a good bean year for us. That cold snap in June really made some of our stuff come on late. I’m not sure if my corn is going to make it. It’s holding on for dear life but I really don’t know if the rain and wind we have been getting are going to allow the ears to mature not to mention the mini-frosts we had last week that destroyed my dahlias and my beautiful squash plants.

I haven’t been absent from the crafting dept however. I grab moments in whatever spare time that I have.I have completed several small crocheted animals and a baby hat for baby shower gifts (would the women in my church stop having babies already so I can get caught up on my gifts!) Both the hedgehog and the bunny were from this book which I love but I also made the hippo from this book and love it as well. The projects are so simple and quick. Amigurumi is one of my new favorite things. That and nutmeg in my mochas and cappaccinos.

I made a pair of baby shoes from this pattern. I loved how easy these were to sew and they came out so doggone cute! I just used fabric scraps that I had from other projects and the corderoy soles were from an old pair of pants. I’m going to try to enlarge the pattern so I can make some for Jack since one of his loves are things on his feet.

And speaking of Jack, the little guy had a birthday on Friday. I can’t believe he is a year old already. In the last month he has gone from baby to little boy in leaps and bounds. We made him a truck cake for his birthday.

It’s not perhaps the prettiest cake by far but I had my reasons for not going all out as this was its demise.

Happy Birthday Baby Jack!

I’ve had my coffee and the fire is crackling away. Now on to that Christmas to-do list!


Christmas is coming

December 12, 2007

Christmas is coming and I have so much to do.  I am feeling tons better from my surgery though still sore and a bit slow in the AM.  I guess since I am only 5 days out I’m doing really well.  We have been extremely blessed to have family and friends offer meals and to have had two meals in the freezer leftover from an extra large soup I made and a dinner someone brought to me post-baby that I couldn’t eat because of the gallbladder (which I now was able to eat).  I haven’t felt much up to cooking yet and it’s very nice to not have to worry about it.  Today I ventured out of the house to my Grandma’s to let Henry play with his aunt and uncles (my youngest sibling is the same age as Henry) so I could just sit back with Jack and knit Christmas presents.  It was nice.  We just sent our Christmas package off to Jim’s sister’s family in France which feels like a huge load off my shoulders.  Now I am just (ya, just) working on getting out Christmas cards, finishing up a hat for my little sister, making some paper dolls and a ballet bag for my niece, a gift for my in-laws (which may or may not happen before Christmas, they may end up with an IOU),  a hat and slippers for my little bro,  a gift for my husbands bro and his wife, cookies, and I would like to actually make something for my sons…..we’ll see what I get to.  Here’s the pic we took last night to put in with our Christmas cards.



Aren’t they precious?  Which reminds me, I need to order those now.  The Costco website was too slow last night and wouldn’t let us order them.   I better get going!

Well, it’s been a month since I posted last but with the new baby and adjusting to life with two kiddos it’s been a bit busy. Hopefully I will be able to blog a bit more now but my gallbladder acted up again this weekend so we’ll see. I did finish those coasters I was talking about a couple of posts ago. I traced a leaf that I found outside onto cardstock and cut it out to use as a pattern. I then pinned it to two pieces of felt in contrasting colors and cut them out using the cardstock leaf as a template. I glued them together with fabric glue and now we have fall coasters. I have wanted to get some done since last year so I was very excited about them. It’s not the best photo but I don’t feel like taking another one so this is what you get.


I also finished the cradle bumpers here.


Jim made this cradle for me for the Christmas before we had Henry. I didn’t get the bedding done for Henry. I think we just folded up some blankets for him to sleep on and did the same thing for bumpers but for Jack we now have bedding. Too bad he doesn’t like to sleep in it. Hopefully we’ll get there. It doesn’t matter how out he is, withing ten minutes of laying him down, he’ll be awake and then be quiet as soon as we get him into bed with us. I would let him cry but he’ll wake up Henry so I am working on getting him to sleep by himself for naps and eventually….hopefully….I’ll be able to sleep without a baby on or beside me again.

After Jack was born, I realized that all of the “newborn” hats were way too big so I quick knit him up a hat that would fit. Henry got jealous so I had to knit him one too, and Jim has been begging me for a hat for a couple of months now so they all have matching hats. Jim’s has stripes because I was afraid I was going to run out of yarn. I think I would have been ok but I like the stripes so I’m glad I decided to put them in.

Here’s a picture of my boys modeling their stocking caps.