Summers are so busy

August 6, 2008

So here it’s been another month plus since posting but a busy month it has been. Towards the end of July we went camping on Orcas Island. We attended a music festival called Woodsong that a family over there puts on every year. Jim and Henry had a lot of fun. It was a bit more difficult for Jack and I since Jack is such a light sleeper and has to be put in his crib in the other room when it’s bedtime in order for him to fall asleep…..can’t really do that when there are people sleeping in tents all around you at one o’clock in the morning when he decides to wake up. So the first night we ended up in the van and he did better the second night but still not great. We left late Saturday evening so that we could get at least one good nights sleep that weekend and sleep we did. We did have fun at the beach and on the ferry ride and at the farmers market in Eastsound though. Then we had company come out from Chicago (friends of Jim’s from college) and this last weekend we catered a wedding for my cousin, Anna. Unfortunately, no pictures were taken of the food but I think it was the best one we have done. It was super simple but Jim tiered the table under the table cloth and it added a lot. I made 350 plus mini cheese quiches, Jim made about the same amount of mini tomato basil pizzas and we both made a whole bunch of tortilla wraps. In addition, we had fruit and veggie trays and bread with several different spreads. We sliced the baguettes and scattered the bread around the bowls of bread, brie, and spreads and used grapes and whole baguettes as decoration on the tables. I was beat but Anna and Dave were super happy with the food so that made it all worth it. Lucky for us, I have very helpful siblings who helped with cutting stuff Saturday morning and hauling it all out to the tables.

Remember the pea planting from a couple of posts ago? Our peas have come on in full force so Henry and I were out picking today.

Henry uses his tongue to concentrate

Henry uses his tongue to concentrate

Henry's kitten, Freddy was "helping" (i.e., playfully scratching at Henry's feet)

Henry's kitten, Freddy was "helping" (i.e., playfully scratching at Henry's feet)

Here is a close up of Freddy Puma.

Freddy Puma waiting to pounce on the next pea vine he sees moving.

Freddy Puma waiting to pounce on the next pea vine he sees moving.

We asked Henry for about 4 days what he was going to name his kitten and it started with the answer “I don know” and then we started giving him ideas with him giving us the answer “noooooo” with a laugh every time. Then he started giving names and saying no and finally we went from Freddy to Michael to Freddy Puma Pina to Freddy Michael and back to just Freddy Puma. It’s goofy but cute since Henry named him himself.

You find the most interesting bugs in the summer. I went to let Zoey (our dog) out and came across this moth on the kitchen wall and had to take pictures. They aren’t great and I knew they wouldn’t be but I have never seen a moth like this before. I wonder if it’s one of those bugs that changes to the color of whatever it’s resting on since it was sitting on our green wall.

I realize this post is all over the place but my head is kind of all over the place tonight so….ya. Here is another random picture, this one of the gorgeous sunset we had tonight. Cows live in this field and sometimes the skyline will be dotted with silhouettes of cows but tonight it was just field. Picture is a bit fuzzy but it was so pretty, I had to take a picture. I really need to get a better camera one of these days!

And last but not least, only because I don’t want to leave the boy out, here is what Jack does while Henry and I are outside in the mornings.


Snowy Sunday

December 9, 2007



This is what we had this morning when Jim and Henry went to church. It was just starting to snow. It’s been lightly snowing now for about two hours but there really isn’t much more than this on the ground. It’s so pretty. I wish I could take Henry out to play in it but I ended up going in for a rushed gallbladder removal on Thursday. The recovery honestly hasn’t been as bad as I expected but I’m still sore at the incision sites and a bit slow getting moving in the morning so I opted to stay home from church today.


This is Mee Mow:


As you can see, the kitty was begging me with her eyes to let her in. I didn’t buckle. I don’t like cat hair or other things cats leave in my house and I don’t do litter boxes so my cats are outside cats. The only reason we really have cats is to take care of the mice and field rats but the two we have are super cute and great kid cats. Great kitties to warm the hearts of those non-cat people like myself.


Jack and I are home with a warm fire and I am drinking a cup of cocoa in my favorite Christmas cup (with a saucer). I have recently decided that I love cups with matching saucers….unique cups with matching saucers. I started a Christmas dish collection last year and I have two cups with saucers that I love and several other favorite cups, plates and bowls as well but I think I may start to get some everyday cups with saucers as I come across them in thrift stores and at garage sales. There is just something cozy about a cup of something warm with it’s own plate to put it on. I don’t know, I’m weird. Well, I am going to go work on Christmas cards. With surgery and being sick, I have gotten behind on quite a few things I wanted to have done by now.  We were supposed to go out towards the mountains with my sister and her hubby to get a tree today but we may end up just going to the store to get one.  It depends on the roads.  I want to get it up today though since Christmas is only two weeks away.  Aaahhh!  I have so much to do!

Only for a season…..

November 21, 2007

Some days I feel like all I do is clean up bodily fluids.  I am potty training Henry which makes for tons more laundry(but less in the end I hope).  Henry and Jack both have colds so I am wiping snotty noses all day.  I, of course, have to change Jack’s diaper and wipe up his spit up and then take Zoey, our dog out to do her business.  Jack wet our bed last night so I am washing our sheets….again….I just did it yesterday.  To top it all off, Henry was sick last night and I am now washing all of his bedding and his coat, scarf, and hat from last nights vomiting episodes.  These are the days when I remind myself that this will only be for a season and the season really will go too fast and I should spend my time enjoying them being little no matter how dependent they are  rather than wishing it were over.



This is a great picture that my brother, Johnny took last winter of the woods at my parents house in one of the snowfalls we had last year.  Snow doesn’t happen a ton here so it’s always exciting when we get it.  It sucks when you have to drive in it because it’s usually sloppy but it is so beautiful.   My parents have great property with woods that we had free reign of when we were kids…..and the kids that are still home are still getting to enjoy it.   I am so looking forward to snow this year.  I really hope we get a good snowfall for Henry to play in.  Last year he wasn’t old enough to like it.  He  was fascinated with it through the window or when we were holding him but he screamed when we set him down in it.  I hope he is old enough to love it this year.