Well, it seems that fall is officially upon us. The chilly weather has put me in the mood for getting my Christmas gift list tackled but that is making it difficult for me to stay motivated to finish my canning and harvesting……especially with the beautifully icky weather. I just want to sit and knit or crochet or sew but I know I must instead go to the produce stand to get apples for applesauce and pick what’s left of my beans and zucchini to put up. It was not a good bean year for us. That cold snap in June really made some of our stuff come on late. I’m not sure if my corn is going to make it. It’s holding on for dear life but I really don’t know if the rain and wind we have been getting are going to allow the ears to mature not to mention the mini-frosts we had last week that destroyed my dahlias and my beautiful squash plants.

I haven’t been absent from the crafting dept however. I grab moments in whatever spare time that I have.I have completed several small crocheted animals and a baby hat for baby shower gifts (would the women in my church stop having babies already so I can get caught up on my gifts!) Both the hedgehog and the bunny were from this book which I love but I also made the hippo from this book and love it as well. The projects are so simple and quick. Amigurumi is one of my new favorite things. That and nutmeg in my mochas and cappaccinos.

I made a pair of baby shoes from this pattern. I loved how easy these were to sew and they came out so doggone cute! I just used fabric scraps that I had from other projects and the corderoy soles were from an old pair of pants. I’m going to try to enlarge the pattern so I can make some for Jack since one of his loves are things on his feet.

And speaking of Jack, the little guy had a birthday on Friday. I can’t believe he is a year old already. In the last month he has gone from baby to little boy in leaps and bounds. We made him a truck cake for his birthday.

It’s not perhaps the prettiest cake by far but I had my reasons for not going all out as this was its demise.

Happy Birthday Baby Jack!

I’ve had my coffee and the fire is crackling away. Now on to that Christmas to-do list!


Summers are so busy

August 6, 2008

So here it’s been another month plus since posting but a busy month it has been. Towards the end of July we went camping on Orcas Island. We attended a music festival called Woodsong that a family over there puts on every year. Jim and Henry had a lot of fun. It was a bit more difficult for Jack and I since Jack is such a light sleeper and has to be put in his crib in the other room when it’s bedtime in order for him to fall asleep…..can’t really do that when there are people sleeping in tents all around you at one o’clock in the morning when he decides to wake up. So the first night we ended up in the van and he did better the second night but still not great. We left late Saturday evening so that we could get at least one good nights sleep that weekend and sleep we did. We did have fun at the beach and on the ferry ride and at the farmers market in Eastsound though. Then we had company come out from Chicago (friends of Jim’s from college) and this last weekend we catered a wedding for my cousin, Anna. Unfortunately, no pictures were taken of the food but I think it was the best one we have done. It was super simple but Jim tiered the table under the table cloth and it added a lot. I made 350 plus mini cheese quiches, Jim made about the same amount of mini tomato basil pizzas and we both made a whole bunch of tortilla wraps. In addition, we had fruit and veggie trays and bread with several different spreads. We sliced the baguettes and scattered the bread around the bowls of bread, brie, and spreads and used grapes and whole baguettes as decoration on the tables. I was beat but Anna and Dave were super happy with the food so that made it all worth it. Lucky for us, I have very helpful siblings who helped with cutting stuff Saturday morning and hauling it all out to the tables.

Remember the pea planting from a couple of posts ago? Our peas have come on in full force so Henry and I were out picking today.

Henry uses his tongue to concentrate

Henry uses his tongue to concentrate

Henry's kitten, Freddy was "helping" (i.e., playfully scratching at Henry's feet)

Henry's kitten, Freddy was "helping" (i.e., playfully scratching at Henry's feet)

Here is a close up of Freddy Puma.

Freddy Puma waiting to pounce on the next pea vine he sees moving.

Freddy Puma waiting to pounce on the next pea vine he sees moving.

We asked Henry for about 4 days what he was going to name his kitten and it started with the answer “I don know” and then we started giving him ideas with him giving us the answer “noooooo” with a laugh every time. Then he started giving names and saying no and finally we went from Freddy to Michael to Freddy Puma Pina to Freddy Michael and back to just Freddy Puma. It’s goofy but cute since Henry named him himself.

You find the most interesting bugs in the summer. I went to let Zoey (our dog) out and came across this moth on the kitchen wall and had to take pictures. They aren’t great and I knew they wouldn’t be but I have never seen a moth like this before. I wonder if it’s one of those bugs that changes to the color of whatever it’s resting on since it was sitting on our green wall.

I realize this post is all over the place but my head is kind of all over the place tonight so….ya. Here is another random picture, this one of the gorgeous sunset we had tonight. Cows live in this field and sometimes the skyline will be dotted with silhouettes of cows but tonight it was just field. Picture is a bit fuzzy but it was so pretty, I had to take a picture. I really need to get a better camera one of these days!

And last but not least, only because I don’t want to leave the boy out, here is what Jack does while Henry and I are outside in the mornings.

Keeping up with this blog it turns out is not my forte. I think about posting often but it’s always for “after I finish folding the clothes” or “after I get this diaper changed”, etc. Obviously that never happens. It’s been a busy couple of months around here. I did get the sweater I was talking about on my last post done but no pics because I finished it at the baby shower. Cut that one close! I put on a baby shower for my sister and her new baby boy and these are the invites that I made.

I cut a triangle out of cardstock, folded it into a diaper shape and snipped the corners off for the leg holes. Then I punched two holes in one fold of the diaper and inserted a diaper pin. The invitation is printed on paper and glued to the inside. They were super easy and I really like the way they turned out.

Planting peas with Henry

We have been doing a bit of gardening around here too. Henry and I planted peas a month or so ago (only 4 plants made an appearance so I think the birds liked them. I have since replanted.)

I had another baby shower to attend in May for my sister-in-law and I actually finished this gift in time. The booties are the Classic Cashmere Booties (not made in cashmere) and the hat is the Baby’s Beanie Hat both from my standby baby gift book, Simple Knits for Cherished Babies by Erika Knight. The butterfly is from a hand sewing pattern purchased from Hilary at Wee Wonderfuls (they changed wordpress and I can’t figure out how to add a link but she’s one of the blogs on my sidebar).

Today is nasty and rainy and my son is stir crazy so in between loads of laundry, he and I did a bit of crafting. He is really into David when we read him his Bible so we made masks for him to be a lion, the sheep that the lion is going to eat, and David when he fights of the lion.

He wanted to make and ark and Noah but I didn’t have it in me so we improvised. We had some stickers that Henry got for Christmas from his cousins in France so we made and ark and I let him put the animal stickers all over it. He is super fascinated with animals right now and loves the Planet Earth series, which I don’t feel quite so bad letting him watch since it’s educational. He was going to get glue everywhere if he tried to play with the masks so I deterred him with an “animal movie”. He clutched his Noah picture and took it with him to the couch.

His request was the episode where the lions kill the elephant. Should I be worried that my son is morbid? I guess he’s just a boy! I gotta go fold clothes. Boys go through so many clothes and I know this is only the beginning. I remember the mud caked jeans that my brothers used to bring in……uggh!

Another great knit

January 25, 2008

I love to get good mail. That’s one of the things I love about the Christmas season is that you never know what you are going to find in your mailbox. Cards, letters, and packages are such a welcome relief to the seemingly endless junk mail and bills (especially post baby and gallbladder surgery). Yesterday, we received a package from my good friend Deborah down in LA….a sweater for Jack. It just fits him and with perfect timing since we have had freezing weather the last several days. My camera doesn’t do good close ups so I can’t get a good shot of the details. It has a great diagonal line on both front panels that comes to a V when it buttons where the stitch appears to switch directions. Anyhow, very cute, warm, and the charcoal color really brings out his bright blue eyes.
My camera doesn’t really do it justice but here is a picture of Jack modeling it.

Well, I had good intentions for this evening.  I have mostly been finishing up some IOU Christmas presents as of late, none of which have I photographed so far.  Jim is gone at Bible study and I had planned to actually be able to get something done craftwise.  I have several projects in the works both physically and swimming in my head to get done.  Henry didn’t take much of a nap and was up at 6:30am so I expected him to crash and Jack is usually pretty happy in the evenings…..Not today!  Instead I have had to put Henry to bed twice.  He ended up getting up after the first time because I went to help him find the pa (pacifier) he was yelling that he had lost only to find his mouth dripping blood.  He split his lips on the windowsill at my grandma’s house today and somehow he must have opened the wounds back up in his messing around when he was supposed to be sleeping.  So that was fun.  I got him all cleaned up and made sure we were ok there but he’s been in bed again for another 40 minutes or so and I can still hear him talking in there and now Jack is fussy….Oh the joys!  The projects will have to wait!

We celebrated Henry’s 2nd Birthday on Sunday with pizza and cake.  He liked when we sang “Happy Birthday” and even joined in with Jim & I.  Jim made him a monkey cake but I am not going to show it because the cookie sheet he made it on is one of those cookie sheets my aunt likes to call “the one you’ve had too long to part with even though you know you should”.  It’s nasty looking and embarrassing.  But here is Henry enjoying the cake:


You can kind of see the corner of the cookie sheet there…..pretend you don’t.    He was sick on his birthday so we kept it pretty low key but he loved it anyhow.  It doesn’t take much when they are this age.  We really didn’t get him much for his birthday since we just had Christmas and all but the hit was definitely “Mr Brown Can Moo Can You?” by Dr Suess.

And so he doesn’t feel left out,  here is a picture of my other son being indecent.  I hope he doesn’t make a habit of this behavior in later years.


Christmas is coming

December 12, 2007

Christmas is coming and I have so much to do.  I am feeling tons better from my surgery though still sore and a bit slow in the AM.  I guess since I am only 5 days out I’m doing really well.  We have been extremely blessed to have family and friends offer meals and to have had two meals in the freezer leftover from an extra large soup I made and a dinner someone brought to me post-baby that I couldn’t eat because of the gallbladder (which I now was able to eat).  I haven’t felt much up to cooking yet and it’s very nice to not have to worry about it.  Today I ventured out of the house to my Grandma’s to let Henry play with his aunt and uncles (my youngest sibling is the same age as Henry) so I could just sit back with Jack and knit Christmas presents.  It was nice.  We just sent our Christmas package off to Jim’s sister’s family in France which feels like a huge load off my shoulders.  Now I am just (ya, just) working on getting out Christmas cards, finishing up a hat for my little sister, making some paper dolls and a ballet bag for my niece, a gift for my in-laws (which may or may not happen before Christmas, they may end up with an IOU),  a hat and slippers for my little bro,  a gift for my husbands bro and his wife, cookies, and I would like to actually make something for my sons…..we’ll see what I get to.  Here’s the pic we took last night to put in with our Christmas cards.



Aren’t they precious?  Which reminds me, I need to order those now.  The Costco website was too slow last night and wouldn’t let us order them.   I better get going!

Only for a season…..

November 21, 2007

Some days I feel like all I do is clean up bodily fluids.  I am potty training Henry which makes for tons more laundry(but less in the end I hope).  Henry and Jack both have colds so I am wiping snotty noses all day.  I, of course, have to change Jack’s diaper and wipe up his spit up and then take Zoey, our dog out to do her business.  Jack wet our bed last night so I am washing our sheets….again….I just did it yesterday.  To top it all off, Henry was sick last night and I am now washing all of his bedding and his coat, scarf, and hat from last nights vomiting episodes.  These are the days when I remind myself that this will only be for a season and the season really will go too fast and I should spend my time enjoying them being little no matter how dependent they are  rather than wishing it were over.



This is a great picture that my brother, Johnny took last winter of the woods at my parents house in one of the snowfalls we had last year.  Snow doesn’t happen a ton here so it’s always exciting when we get it.  It sucks when you have to drive in it because it’s usually sloppy but it is so beautiful.   My parents have great property with woods that we had free reign of when we were kids…..and the kids that are still home are still getting to enjoy it.   I am so looking forward to snow this year.  I really hope we get a good snowfall for Henry to play in.  Last year he wasn’t old enough to like it.  He  was fascinated with it through the window or when we were holding him but he screamed when we set him down in it.  I hope he is old enough to love it this year.