Keeping up with this blog it turns out is not my forte. I think about posting often but it’s always for “after I finish folding the clothes” or “after I get this diaper changed”, etc. Obviously that never happens. It’s been a busy couple of months around here. I did get the sweater I was talking about on my last post done but no pics because I finished it at the baby shower. Cut that one close! I put on a baby shower for my sister and her new baby boy and these are the invites that I made.

I cut a triangle out of cardstock, folded it into a diaper shape and snipped the corners off for the leg holes. Then I punched two holes in one fold of the diaper and inserted a diaper pin. The invitation is printed on paper and glued to the inside. They were super easy and I really like the way they turned out.

Planting peas with Henry

We have been doing a bit of gardening around here too. Henry and I planted peas a month or so ago (only 4 plants made an appearance so I think the birds liked them. I have since replanted.)

I had another baby shower to attend in May for my sister-in-law and I actually finished this gift in time. The booties are the Classic Cashmere Booties (not made in cashmere) and the hat is the Baby’s Beanie Hat both from my standby baby gift book, Simple Knits for Cherished Babies by Erika Knight. The butterfly is from a hand sewing pattern purchased from Hilary at Wee Wonderfuls (they changed wordpress and I can’t figure out how to add a link but she’s one of the blogs on my sidebar).

Today is nasty and rainy and my son is stir crazy so in between loads of laundry, he and I did a bit of crafting. He is really into David when we read him his Bible so we made masks for him to be a lion, the sheep that the lion is going to eat, and David when he fights of the lion.

He wanted to make and ark and Noah but I didn’t have it in me so we improvised. We had some stickers that Henry got for Christmas from his cousins in France so we made and ark and I let him put the animal stickers all over it. He is super fascinated with animals right now and loves the Planet Earth series, which I don’t feel quite so bad letting him watch since it’s educational. He was going to get glue everywhere if he tried to play with the masks so I deterred him with an “animal movie”. He clutched his Noah picture and took it with him to the couch.

His request was the episode where the lions kill the elephant. Should I be worried that my son is morbid? I guess he’s just a boy! I gotta go fold clothes. Boys go through so many clothes and I know this is only the beginning. I remember the mud caked jeans that my brothers used to bring in……uggh!


Well, it’s been a month since I posted last but with the new baby and adjusting to life with two kiddos it’s been a bit busy. Hopefully I will be able to blog a bit more now but my gallbladder acted up again this weekend so we’ll see. I did finish those coasters I was talking about a couple of posts ago. I traced a leaf that I found outside onto cardstock and cut it out to use as a pattern. I then pinned it to two pieces of felt in contrasting colors and cut them out using the cardstock leaf as a template. I glued them together with fabric glue and now we have fall coasters. I have wanted to get some done since last year so I was very excited about them. It’s not the best photo but I don’t feel like taking another one so this is what you get.


I also finished the cradle bumpers here.


Jim made this cradle for me for the Christmas before we had Henry. I didn’t get the bedding done for Henry. I think we just folded up some blankets for him to sleep on and did the same thing for bumpers but for Jack we now have bedding. Too bad he doesn’t like to sleep in it. Hopefully we’ll get there. It doesn’t matter how out he is, withing ten minutes of laying him down, he’ll be awake and then be quiet as soon as we get him into bed with us. I would let him cry but he’ll wake up Henry so I am working on getting him to sleep by himself for naps and eventually….hopefully….I’ll be able to sleep without a baby on or beside me again.

After Jack was born, I realized that all of the “newborn” hats were way too big so I quick knit him up a hat that would fit. Henry got jealous so I had to knit him one too, and Jim has been begging me for a hat for a couple of months now so they all have matching hats. Jim’s has stripes because I was afraid I was going to run out of yarn. I think I would have been ok but I like the stripes so I’m glad I decided to put them in.

Here’s a picture of my boys modeling their stocking caps.