Garage sale goodness

June 26, 2008

So Saturday was the first day we have been able to go to garage sales since Jim’s ankle surgery a little over a month ago and it was actually a good day. Sometimes you go and you find nothing but this time we spent about $12 and got some really great stuff. I was so excited about it I took pictures to post and then forgot and was just going through my camera and remembered.Christmas in JuneI found a tree skirt for 50 cents. Can you believe it? I love the country-ish/homemadeness of it. There is a little button that slips through a ribbon on the opposite side to connect it around the tree trunk.

We always try to give some people homemade cookies and other goodies for which I picked up the tins but I might have to keep the one on the left for myself.

We were looking for some plain shiny red balls in the after Christmas sales this year but all we could find were the frosted ones. For a buck, I picked up a box of 12, 3 of which are pictured on the Christmas plate to add to my collection of Christmas dishes.

Another dish, this one for my teacup collection. This I think was my favorite find of the day. I love the colors and the picture on it.

We also picked up the mini-loaf pan for 50 cents. It makes 6 small loaves and I thought Henry would have fun making little loaves of zucchini or banana bread. I made the “mistake” of letting him help me make pumpkin pie (which he called crust pie) last week and now any time he hears me make a noise in the kitchen, he comes running to “help”. Cute when it’s wanted but when I’m just feeding the dog and he doesn’t believe me or I’m trying to make dinner fast, it can come with a bit of a fit from the boy.

And last but not least, we found an older gentleman who was selling these wooden toys that he made. (Pardon the crappy pictures). These are by far not the best that he had, however they are the operable ones that we could let Henry play with and not worry about him breaking off any of the detailing. He had some really cool trains all detailed out with “logs” on the trailers and detailed semi-trucks and old style cars. He also had a seal that you would pull and when he moved a ball set on a peg that went down into his nose would bounce up and down.

A guy a couple of doors down also had some woodwork out however his was a bit more detailed and not stuff you would buy for your kids. Amazing tractors and cranes with working parts but the prices were huge (understandably with the amount of time that had to go into them) and they were things that you would buy to set up on a shelf, not to play with.

Afterwards we came home and Jack slept while I finished putting in my garden and Jim and Henry went back into town to watch the soap box derby. All in all, it was a very good Saturday!


One Response to “Garage sale goodness”

  1. I love picking up wonderful Christmas decorations through the year like this. And that top is fabbo!

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