First day of spring????

March 20, 2008

So it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. It’s been pretty busy around here. I have been watching my sister’s kids 2-3 days a week and then we have had nasty colds and stomach bugs come through…..I am so glad that spring is finally here…..or is it? It’s so stinkin’ damp and cold outside right now it doesn’t feel like spring at all. But there are daffodils in the yard and the trees across the street are starting to bud so it must be coming soon. Hopefully with some time outside, people will start to get healthy and stay that way. Even with the business, I have managed to get a few things accomplished besides laundry, dishes, and taking care of kids. Not as much as I would like but a few things. Right now I’m pushing on a sweater to get done by next weekend for a baby shower. We’ll see if it happens. Here are the things I recently finished.


A monkey for Henry’s birthday. I made one like this for Henry’s cousin, William, for Christmas and both of them have been huge hits. William’s came with a cape since he is very into super heroes right now. This pattern came from a book I checked out at the library called Knitted Toys by Fiona McTague.


A hat and bear for the baby of a friend of Jim’s from college. Jeremy loves orange and their wedding was actually orange and hot pink since his wife likes pink. It sounds awful but it actually worked out really well. So anyhoo, since they had a boy, we thought we would send them something orange. Both patterns are from Simple Knits for Cherished Baby by Erika. Knight


And these are some desperately needed kitchen towels that I embroidered. All of our towels but two we have had since our wedding (3 1/2 yrs ago) and between everyday use and our dog deciding they were chew toys, our supply had either hit the rag bag or needed to. I freehanded the embroidery on these and decided to go with a theme….as you can see rather than all the same thing.


One Response to “First day of spring????”

  1. dbaron Says:

    Yes, I have been meaning to call/email. How do you get so much accomplished? That monkey is so adorable. I love your towels too, I have been wanting to do the same sort of thing, where did you get your towels?

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